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The Books That Made Me with Elizabeth Uviebinené | A new podcast from Rebel Book Club

February 17, 2023

Introducing The Books That Made Me from Rebel Book Club

'The Books That Made Me' is a brand new podcast from Rebel Book Club, where we meet remarkable humans to discover the nonfiction books that have had a massive impact on their lives.

In Series 1, we meet six inspiring nonfiction authors to learn about the books that made them who they are today. This series kicks off with Jamie Bartlett ('Radicals' + 'The Missing Cryptoqueen'), Elizabeth Uviebinené ('Slay in Your Lane' + 'The Reset') + Nir Eyal ('Hooked' + 'Indistractable').

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The Books That Made Me is available to stream across Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Audible, Amazon Music + Anchor.fm.

Episode 2: The Books That Made Elizabeth Uviebinené

In this episode of 'The Books That Made Me', Ben Keene (Co-founder of Rebel Book Club) talks to Elizabeth Uviebinené about 3 nonfiction books that have had a massive impact on her to date, including one that shaped how her twenties evolved and one that inspired the hugely successful, 'Slay In Your Lane', which went onto become a global movement. Elizabeth also shares why we should all be WhatsApp-ing ourselves and her take on why personal stories in nonfiction matter so much. Enjoy!  

Elizabeth Uviebinené is a multi-award-winning author, speaker, and columnist at the Financial Times. She is the author of 'The Reset: Ideas to Change How We Work and Live', and the co-author of 'Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible', the critically acclaimed bestseller which won the Groucho Maverick Award, the Marie Claire Future Shapers Award and was shortlisted for the Specsavers National Book Award. She is also co-editor of the anthology Loud Black Girls.  Elizabeth began her career in marketing and is now a brand strategist, working on campaigns for businesses such as Nike and Bumble. She grew up in South London where she still lives and studied Politics and International studies at the University of Warwick.

Elizabeth's choices were:

1. 'The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now' by Meg Jay

2. 'Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead' by Sheryl Sandberg

3. 'Manifesto: On Never Giving Up' by Bernadine Everisto

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