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Rebel Team: Anca Urdea

February 17, 2023

Our Rebel Book Club Hall of Fame puts the spotlight on our global community of curious minds, to showcase their unique personalities, wild breadth of talents and passions, whilst digging into their connection with non-fiction.

Introducing Anca Urdea, Membership Manager at RBC

Anca Urdea is part of our team here at RBC, having joined in July 2017 with ‘Miss-Adventures‘ as her first read. Since then she has read 80% of the RBC reads.

Anca is our Membership Manager at RBC, meaning she has the responsibility of responding to all your queries and does a great job of making sure you’re well looked after.

She has also created a yearly planner to help people track their goals and organise their busy schedules. Check out her blog to find out more.

Anca’s Nonfiction Recommendations

Anca’s top 3 recommendations for someone new to nonfiction are:

  1. The Gender Games
  2. All the Ghosts in the Machine
  3. Lost Connections

Time to get up close and personal…

1. How did you end up here at RBC?

I’m not sure… I think RBC popped up on my social media and I liked the books that members had read before I joined.

2. What makes you pick up a book?

Curiosity and attractive covers. I don’t buy the book though until I had a look at the table of contents.

3. Tell us about something you’ve done as a result of a nonfiction book?

I love it when my beliefs change as a result of reading a book – and this is the point, isn’t it? Books should challenge and expand our view of the world.

4. What makes you get out of bed in the morning?
Coffee and knowing that I have an exciting day ahead.

5. How do you take your tea?

Coffee person in a tea shop… I’d like rooibos with undertones of cherry and dark chocolate + a teaspoon of honey – thank you!

6. Does reading come naturally to you?

Yes! I was reading nonfiction before RBC as well, although I was sticking mostly to business, productivity and sociology books. It is thanks to RBC that I am now interested in a variety of themes and after several books proved me wrong, I now pretty much read about any theme or topic before writing off a book.

7. Tell us about your business/passion project and how can we support it?

In 2018 I created “Make It Happen”, a yearly planner to support me with keeping track of my goals, my work and my progress. I’ve been improving it every year, it includes both space for planning and guidance and it’s available digitally – check it out!

8. Favourite RBC book so far and why?

Tough choice. If I were to pick just one… In the Land of Hungry Ghosts by Gabor Mate, because it strikes the right balance between storytelling and research + it’s the kind of book that will forever change your view on trauma and addiction.

9. Favourite RBC meet-up so far and why?

All the Ghosts in the Machine by Elaine Kasket – RBC members were challenged to build “obituaries” for other RBC members, using solely publicly available information. Both the book and the meetup made me rethink how much information and what I post online + what happens to it once I’m gone.

10. Why should someone join RBC?

Joining RBC is a surefire way to read and have conversations about topics that are often not on our radar, thus taking us outside of our comfort zone. And all growth happens outside of the comfort zone.

Anca's nonfiction recommendations

How can I become a Rebel Reader?


  1. Head to our membership page and check out which membership is right for you (we offer one-off or subscription options, all-in or flexible).
  2. Hit the ‘Join’ button and we’ll take you through a few simple questions and sign you up.
  3. As soon as you’re a member, you’ll be welcomed by our community, offered links to join our various social networks based on location or special interests, invited to vote on which book comes next, and invited to all of our community socials + events, featuring experts + authors!

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