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Live Q+A with Ruby Warrington | Women Without Kids | June 2023

July 6, 2023

Before recording our Books That Made Me podcast episode with author Ruby Warrington, we asked our members if they had any questions they’d like us to ask her.

The conversation in our community exploded, and with so much in the news on this theme as well, we’ve changed course and chose 'Women Without Kids' as our June RBC read.

Why we chose this book:

The NY Times: She Never Wanted to Be a Mother. Now She’s Written a Book for Women Like Her

The Guardian: Record numbers of women reach 30 child-free in England and Wales

The Guardian: Why assume it’s a problem if a woman is child-free at thirty? Maybe she prefers it that way.

A personal welcome message from Ruby

Words of wisdom

On women’s role: 

“… motherhood is still upheld as every woman’s rightful, natural role, the path to her ultimate fulfilment. And yet, more and more of us are either questioning whether the vocation of childrearing is for us, or opting out full stop.” -p.4 

On fulfilment: 

“Being a stay-at-home mom may be seen as ‘playing small‘, but there’s always a sense that a woman is somehow completed by her children. For a woman who chooses her career over having kids, not only is she missing out - something fundamental is missing from her life. Of course, neither scenario is necessarily true (…) fulfilment comes in many forms, and what makes life meaningful to any one individual will be unique to them.” - p107. 

On policy and families:

But not pronatalist policies, such as offering cash bonuses to new parents or criminalizing abortion, which simply emphasize having more kids without taking the overall well-being of families into account. What’s needed are pro-family policies, which encompass everything from paid parents leave, to free universal healthcare and childcare, to higher wages for shorter work weeks, to higher salaries across the spectrum of the caregiving profession - from teaching, to nursing, to food production, to maintenance work.” - p.156.

RBC hybrid event featuring Ruby

Members from London, Bristol and around the world joined our hybrid event at the end of June, for a conversation with Miami-based Ruby Warrington.

Here are some of the questions we’ve asked her...

Ruby's Journey Into Writing

Women Without Kids: Embracing Choice + Its Societal Impact

Exploring Emotions of Child-Free Women: Overcoming Shame and Guilt

You can see the rest of the clips via our
YouTube channel.

Members’ thoughts on Women Without Kids:

“It was so reassuring to read the author’s and so many other people’s perspectives that I hadn’t heard before but needed to. Definitely made me feel less ‘odd’ that I had a different take to the topic of kids than the 1 narrative we’re given“

“I've been a firm fence-sitter on the topic of kids (adopting that is) and it was nice to read a book from someone a bit older than me who's gone through the same thought processes as me!“

“ I've been a fun auntie for 10years now and I'm trying to decide if that's enough for me. Getting to "mother in other ways" as such.“

“As an only child (who is also on the fence!) I’ve self appointed myself as irresponsible aunty to all my cousins’ babies”

“Being an uncle is great. Actively engage in the fun bits. Disengage when it's not fun.”

“My goal is actually to be someone my friends' kids turn to when they "hate" their parents but have big tough feelings to go through and ask about. And to be the slightly eccentric auntie doing her own thing and encouraging them to be true to themselves and not whatever expectations others have of them”

Thank you

Venue: X+Why, Whitechapel

Drinks: Wednesday's Domaine, Sxollie Xider, Dash Water

Volunteer crew: Aleks, Jon, Sara & Laura

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