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Rebel Book Club x Super Senses | August 2022

January 24, 2023

Rebel Book Club x Super Senses

Let's kick off with some key insights:

  • We don't have 5 senses, we have 32. The five senses model comes from Aristotle, who "was concerned with matching sense organs (eyes, nose, tongue...) with the experience of seeing, smelling and so on."
  • Scent cells are renewed every 30 to 60 days. The sense of smell is the only cranial nerve that can regenerate.
  • "People with mild hearing loss are twice as likely to have dementia. And those with moderate to severe hearing loss have three to five times the rist. [...] but wearing a hearing aid is likely to slow down the progress of memory impairment that occurs in healthy ageing, simply because one reduces the demands on the brain to adapt..."
  • Smaller fingers are more touch-sensitive - This is because the sensory receptors are more condensed in a smaller area.

Super Senses in action:

It was a sensory spectacle for August's event, with big book chats + Super Sense experiments both online and off...

In London, we had taste-bending miracle berries tricking us into thinking pickles tasted like candy...

We had proprioception tricks ‘n traps which made us believe our nose had grown (?!)... we shivered to weird + whacky sound effects and found members who were freakishly good at sensing their own heart rate…

All fuelled by our lovely friends at @squarerootldn + @originalsmallbeer + our amazing hosts The Ministry, SE1 ❤️

Finally, here's a little behind the scenes video action from our London setup.

If you're interested in trying out some the experiments we did, check out this fun TV show from National Geographic...


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We hope to see you next time for ‘Earth Heroes’, our critically important Back to School nonfiction adventure.

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