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30 Books on Tackling Climate Change

February 16, 2023

Everyday in September 2022 we are sharing a book on climate for our theme 'Earth Heroes'.

Originally posted on Twitter:

Book 1:

Our Biggest Experiment by @alicebell

"Perfect guide to unpicking how humanity came to face its most profound threat...and how we can fight back."

Book 2:

Sacred Nature by Karen Armstrong

How we can recover our bond with the natural world.

Book 3:

Nomad Century by @WanderingGaia
How human migration will reshape our planet and why it can be the answer to our environmental crises.

Book 4:

The Future Earth by @EricHolthaus
The climate Twitter guy shares his meteorological assessment of our precarious predicament and how we can create a better future for all… and building @currently to prove what might be possible.

Book 5:

A Bigger Picture by @vanessa_vash
Fascinating close-up, step-by-step story of how a young Ugandan woman started bravely protesting about the climate crisis.

Book 6:

Regenesis by @GeorgeMonbiot
A breathtaking view of the future of food and humanity. “It is in my view one of the two or three most important books to appear this century.” Sir David King

Book 7:

The Carbon Almanac
Forward @ThisIsSethsBlog
A book of facts about climate change. We are a collective of artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers and humans who believe it’s not too late.

Book 8:

This One Wild & Precious Life by @_sarahwilson_
Through a personal journey of global adventure, fertility struggles and campaigning, Sarah shows us why must not just ‘do our bit’ but ‘do everything we can.’

Book 9:

The Future We Choose by @CFigueres & @tomcarnac
Strong on shaping the reality of the climate crisis & the future choices we have to make. Podcast even better @OutrageOptimism

Book 10:

Zen & the Art of Saving the Planet
Anxiety is one of the strongest feelings connected to the climate crisis. A toolkit for staying calm & focused is indispensable. The late, great @thichnhathanh is as wise a guide as they come.

Book 11:

Wilding by @isabella_tree
How do you turn a working farm in the crowded southern England into a modern wildnerness? Over the past 20 years the story of Knepp Estate has done just that.

Book 12:

Speed & Scale by @johndoerr
The business plan for getting to net zero + a pull out poster!

Book 13:

Breaking Boundaries by @jrockstrom + Owen Gaffney
“The Anthropocene (the human age) forces us to acknowledge that we live on a finite planet. We are approaching the edge.”Excellent on science of our planetary boundaries with great graphics and a powerful Netflix doc.

Book 14:

Do Earth/ Healing Strategies for Humankind by @tamsinomond
Small, but perfect. @DoBookCo

Book 15:

Let My People Go Surfing
The reluctant founder of @patagonia has today made ‘earth’ the only shareholder of this remarkable business. That’s $3bn in the bank fit climate action!Yvon Chouinard’s book on building a business that’s good for the planet is a classic.

Book 16:

Doughnut Economics by @KateRaworth
Why didn’t we learn this in school?! The helps us measure the true cost of society, not simply GDP, & guides us towards the sweet spot where more can prosper & the planet can be protected. Put Kate in charge of the economy now!

Book 17:

Race for Tomorrow by @simonmundy
Story-driven 2 year journey from FT journalist meeting those on the frontline of the climate crisis. A breathless adventure.

Book 18:

Climate Change- How we get to carbon zero @BiancaNogrady x @WiredUK
Perfectly sized for a power read on climate + action.

Book 19: 

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster @BillGates
Particularly good on breaking down the challenge & opportunity of energy & electrification. More head & tech, than stories & heart, but still a clear eyed analysis of what needs to be done. Fast.

Book 20:

Cradle to Cradle - Remaking the way we make things. @billmcdonough + Michael Braungart.
This book is not a tree (it’s printed on synthetic paper so you can read it in the) 20 years since being published, still reads fresh on what we now call the ‘circular economy’

Book 21:

Consumed by @AjaSaysHello
A ferocious and fascinating deconstruction of the destructiveness of fast fashion that brilliantly joins lots of dots.

Book 22:

Climate Change Coaching: The power of connection to create climate action @CharlyCoxCoach
Climate is often very data driven but behaviour change is psychological. Coaching individuals & teams through this huge change is crucial.

Book 23:

How to Spend a Trillion Dollars by @rowhoop
Rowan Hooper shows in a fun, fresh format how a trillion here or there really could fix almost anything, proving the point that it’s politics and psychology blocking the path to a safer, healthier world.

Book 24:

We’re all climate hypocrites now @SamiGrover
Getting past the limiting arguments of ‘how did you get to the climate protest without carbon?’ is the first step in a more grown up conversation. Excellent on the psychology of moving from climate angst and action.

Book 25:

Manifesto by @DaleVince
From anti-Thatcherite protestor out running police on his motorbike to wind turbine builder and founder of one of the UK’s most successful energy companies @ecotricity (& an eco football club) Dale Vince’s story & life mission is intoxicating.

Book 26:

Our House is on Fire @GretaThunberg + family
The fascinating story about the family of the world’s most famous climate activist. Great’s resilience and clarity were born in the fires of a challenging childhood. Remarkable parents.

Book 27:

Eat Like a Fish
Bren’s life at sea describes the environmental & human cost of destructive industrial trawling & fish farming, & how farming ‘ocean greens’ could play a big part in feeding 9 billion humans without destroying nature. It even comes with recipes!

Book 28:

The Green Grocer: One Man's Manifesto for Corporate Activism

Brilliant story and tactics on how to turn an established business into a greener direction. Kudos @icelandrichard & team @IcelandFoods

Book 29:

The Web of Meaning by Jeremy Lent
Indigenous wisdom & modern science inspired philosophy for the climate-jilted generation

Book 30:

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
60 years since publication, considered the most important environmental book of the 20th century. Documenting the harm caused by indiscriminate use of pesticides, Carson forecast the greater crisis we now all face.

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