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every month since may 2015 we've helped 1000's of curious minds explore a topic, meet, discuss and share learnings & actions.

Whether you want to form a lifelong habit, or turn topic insights into action, we exist to help you or your team up your learning game.

We all learn differently - and at various speeds - so we nudge you to use the format that works best for you: book, audio, podcast, talk or documentary. Yes, we'll always vote on a nonfiction book on each month's topic but you don't have to read a book every month to be part of the club.

Learn from authors & experts on a huge variety of topics and regularly connect in-person and virtually with a fun crowd who will keep you accountable.

Join a global community of lifelong learners and get a free audiobook rom our friends at xigxag.

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Join up yourself or gift. Choose a membership to fit your learning goals & lifestyle. Go at your pace.



Every month members vote on a hotlist of 3 nonfiction books on a topic. We  nudge you weekly to read, listen or watch & join the discussion.*

*You don't have to read a book every month with us.



You will be invited to our monthly in-person & digital events (not another zoom room). Plus rebel coffees, learning goals support & shared interest groups.





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We’ve spent 8 years perfecting what a modern day nonfiction book club looks like. Now we're bringing our favourite themes and authors into forward thinking businesses for inspiration, learning and impact.

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together we've read a nonfiction book every month since May 2015.

We help people to accelerate and mix up their reading habits and to connect with all kinds of curious people. We shortlist 3 nonfiction books on a new theme every month and our members vote to determine the winner.

Every week, our members meet on our private social networks and via our 'Rebel Coffees' to connect with new friends and to improve their reading accountability.  Others connect via spin-off groups that form around local city hubs and our monthly themes, such as climate, psychedelics, startups, activism, writing, stoicism + spirituality.

On the last Tuesday of each month we have action-packed member events in several cities, as well as high-energy virtual events on the last Monday of every month for our community joining from all over the world. Strictly no Zoom rooms.





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