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If you’re a curious mind who loves connecting people and diving into fascinating non-fiction reads, we want you!

Help us create vibrant communities and bring our unique blend of engaging events and thought-provoking discussions to your city. You'll get to host monthly meetups, collaborate with exciting partners, and be at the heart of a global movement.

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Our digital Meetups

High energy x creative tech.

Since 2020, we've offered remote access to the Rebel Book Club event experience so everyone worldwide can become a member.

As a result, we have now been joined by curious minds from 36+ countries around the world. It's incredibly humbling to facilitate the discussion of big-world themes for members globally.

The wonder of nonfiction unites thinkers + doers from Costa Rica to Canada, Iceland to Malawi, the UAE to Guam.

Members are bringing their energy, experiences + wisdom every month - what an incredible thing to be a part of.



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How do you keep your people performing at their best and maintain a sense of community when your workforce is partly remote, stretched or part of a new merger?

We know learning is a priority for professionals (as our Rebel Book Club members have been telling us for the last 8 years). But things at work get in the way...


Lack of structured learning and team experience opportunities.

Little Engagement

Despite the interest, the formats don't often engage employees.

Low impact

Chats but never the space or guidance to turn into lasting action.

Our Solution...

fun team learning Experiences.

Giving your employees choice & space over learning leads to more fulfilled, happy and productive teams.

Inspired by great nonfiction books, we bring insightful guests, creative workshops and fun events to make a difference, whatever the theme you're exploring.

End to end solution

From organising authors, to hosting the event & follow-up sessions - so you don't have to.

Increased engagement

By securing expert speakers, designing fresh formats and delivering an action-oriented learning experience.

Experience in nonfiction + events

We curate best in-class aligned to your goals + calendar.


D themes

We work with authors & experts across a range these themes and can design a solution to fit your learning goal. Example themes...

Time Makers

Hackers and Hustlers move over. How well we use our time to work, rest & play is a superpower.

Healthy Minds

Wellbeing & Mental Health aren't trends; they're the bedrock of a happy life, community and workplace. Zoom in on the science & solutions to better health.


This one time at band camp... humans have thrived because of they're ability to tell stories. Whether you're in sales, finance or engineering, being able to empathise with your audience and communicate in a compelling way is to connect emotionally from which all change happens.

Creators & Breakers

Without rebel thinking we stand still. There's never been a more necessary time for bold ideas well executed. The most successful businesses put creativity at the heart of everything they do.

Earth Leaders

We are living in a climate & nature emergency. Everyday it is our job to play a part in fixing it. Get your team team climate and nature literate so your net zero and sustainability strategies.

Diverse Thinking

Dream teams are made up of different lived experiences & identities. Closing gaps so we can all grow. Exploring and understanding D,E & I for real organisational change.

Let's turn your teams' curious minds into impact!

Packages to suit all L&D budgets

contact us to discuss your 2023 team learning goals

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From making sense of AI to learning about climate change, pick an L&D theme that your team is focused on learning more about or let us know what you're trying to crack.


Decide with us what type of format would work best for your team according to your goals, calendar and budget.
One off event, in-person, hybrid, or remote. We can adapt. We've been delivering events like this for our members every month since 2015.

Schedule & Deliver

We design and co-host the events with you to fit with your calendar.
An example of a typical session would be 5pm to 7pm with welcome drinks, talk/Q&A/quiz with expert followed by activity/game/workshop. With a wrap-up and documented ideas and actions.

Wrap & repeat

We follow-up to check on progress of actions and decide on next theme to team up on.







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