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Q+A with Stephanie Kelton | The Deficit Myth | November 2021

February 16, 2023

November 2021: CASH

Rebel Book: #79

Book: The Deficit Myth by Stephanie Kelton

Meetup: Huckletree Westminster, Ducie Street Warehouse, Framework, Hop In

Fuel: Dash Water

Live Q+A: Stephanie Kelton

Action: £100 raised for RedSTART

Live Audience Q+A with Stephanie Kelton | The Deficit Myth

Check out our live Q+A with Stephanie Kelton, broadcast to our virtual event on Hop In and into our Rebel Book Club London event at Huckletree Westminster. This chat was co-hosted by our Rebel Book Club Money Squad, our team of RBC experts who work in finance and related industries.

The RBC Money Squad offers their review…

Overall review:
Nipun: ‘A thoroughly refreshing read, and an easy-to-access explainer of the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).’

What did you get from the book that made you think differently?

Nipun: ‘A currency-issuing government is really not like a household.’

Ruhi: ‘Among many eye-opening realizations, the top one was that the state (one that has monetary sovereignty) will never run out of money; there will never be a day where our government cannot afford to pay for healthcare or pensions!’

How did it help?

Nipun: ‘This book makes you realize that all economics, after all, is based on theories. And MMT seems to capture the zeitgeist of current times quite well.’

Ruhi: ‘It helped me feel slightly better about our future. While the world may still end because we’ve not addressed the climate crisis, it won’t end because we’ve run out of money to support those in need.’

What further questions did it raise?

Nipun: ‘MMT seems very narrow in its application to currency issuers in the developed world. How do we apply its principles to emerging economies who arguably have a lot of real capacity, but seem constrained by finances because their home currency is just not powerful enough?’
Ruhi: ‘I was left with a number of questions on we can apply the lessons in this book in practice. While the book has ideas on this, I’m left hungry for more!’

Introducing the RedSTART Mission…

Each month we give our members the opportunity to donate the cost of a kindle book to a selected charity, usually associated with our theme. This month we supported RedSTART and donated £100.

“1,000,000 kids who can budget, save, invest and give back.

Put simply, that’s why the RedSTART team showed up. To put young people in control of their finances, and give them the skills to manage their financial futures.

Having grown from a team of 3 in 2012 to over 30 today, we’ve already helped over 3000 kids in the UK.

Our journey is just beginning. We’re always looking for passionate people to help us plant more seeds for the future.”

RedSTART are currently on the lookout for support in the following ways:

  • Introduction to new eligible schools into the programme. This will largely mean schools in overlooked inner city areas, rural and coastal areas around the UK.
  • Introduction to companies who can help with financial and, possibly, volunteer support, if the office or employees are located close to member schools.
  • Support on social media and through conversations with anyone who might be able help with above points.
  • Volunteer time: We offer volunteer opportunities to our funding partners initially, but there are occasions where we need to draw on a wider pool of people. Depending on where you live, your skill set and your availability, that may also be an option.

December 2021 Read: Sleights of Mind

Our December read delved into the world of Magic with Sleights of Mind by Stephen Macknick + Susana Martinez-Conde.

Our members’ meetups were on Tuesday 14th December @ 7pm (GMT). Members will be joined in person across the UK and virtually around the world.

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