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September 25, 2023



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'I've encountered no other book that articulates with so much passion or clarity the unique feeling of this moment in history. This One Wild and Precious Life is the ideal guidebook for our long overdue journey back to nature, to each other, and to sanity in the deepest sense of the word' Oliver Burkeman

We live in truly overwhelming times. The climate crisis, the pandemic, AI advances, conspiracy theories, political polarisation...and the rest...have left many of us in a state of 'spiritual PTSD', feeling disconnected from one another, from our values, from our joy.

In this radical spiritual guidebook, New York Times-bestselling author Sarah Wilson puts on her backpack and spends three years hiking around the world - in Jordan, Cornwall, the Lake District, the Australian Outback, Japan the Sierra Nevada and beyond - to find a path through it all.

She follows in the footsteps of Nietzsche, Wordsworth and other favourite poets and thinkers, venturing deeper into nature, going to 'spiritual edges' and meeting monks, lovers and renegades along the way. And she emerges with a blueprint for living a wilder, more connected life, and one that must just save our precious life on this planet.




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