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effective & engaging team learning isn't easy.

How do you keep your people performing at their best and maintain a sense of community when your workforce is partly remote, stretched or part of a new merger?

We know learning is a priority for millennial and gen z workers. But things at work get in the way...

- Little time. Lack of structured learning and team experience opportunities.
- Light engagement. Despite the interest, the formats don't often engage employees.
- Low impact. Coffee chats but never the space or guidance to turn into lasting action.

Our Solution: Community Driven Workplace Experiences.

Giving your employees choice & space over learning lead to more fulfilled and happy teams.

We can bring inspiring guests, creative workshops and fun events to make a difference, whatever the theme you're exploring.

What we bring:

- End to end solution - from organising authors to books - so you don't have to.
- Increased engagement by securing expert speakers and designing fresh formats.
- Experience in nonfiction + events, we curate best in-class aligned to your goals + calendar.

We've already worked with brands like Archetype, Samsung, Audible, & Ideas Fest.

“We love working with the RBC team. They understood our brand and ethos very quickly and bought an experience to life that exceeded our expectations” Allbirds

We'd love to help your team make the most of their curious minds.

Let's make it happen in 2023 > bsg@rebelbookclub.co.uk

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never stop learning.

Explore Themes

Healthy Minds: Wellbeing & Mental Health aren't trends; they're the bedrock of a happy life, community and society.

Diverse Thinkers: Dream teams are made up of different lived experiences & identities.

Time Makers: Closing gaps so we can all grow.Hackers and Hustlers move over. How well we use our time to work, rest & play is a superpower.

Earth Heroes: We are living in a climate & nature emergency. Everyday it is our job to play a part in fixing it.

Creators & Breakers: Without rebel thinking we stand still. There's never been a more necessary time for bold ideas well executed.

Author Talks

Chat directly with authors and experts on the topic.

Previously at RBC:

• Kate Raworth (Doughnut Economics)
• Seth Godin (This Is Marketing)
• Mo Gawdat (Solve for Happy)
• Nova Reid (The Good Ally)
• Johann Hari (Lost Connections)
• Symeon Brown (Get Rich or Lie Trying)
• Ryan Holiday (The Obstacle is the Way)
• Ramita Navai (City of Lies)
• Sophie Morgan (Driving Forwards)
• Jamie Bartlett (The Missing Cryptoqueen)
• Azeem Azhar (Exponential)

Focused, FUN Conversations

We can create event experiences that leave an impact.

You get a bespoke learning experience delivered in person or virtually with the author & our team. Everyone leaves with a book of course!

Imagine: Fireside chats, creative workshops, quizzes, mock court cases etc...

Your team are inspired and focused on tangible action with clear next steps. 4-6 weeks later we check in to hold everyone accountable including video messages from our author.


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