The Book Collectors of Daraya

Delphine Minoui


December 2022


Rebel Librarians


About the book:

About this book:

In 2012 the rebel suburb of Daraya in Damascus was brutally besieged by Syrian government forces. Four years of suffering ensued, punctuated by shelling, barrel bombs and chemical gas attacks. In this man-made hell, forty young Syrian revolutionaries embarked on an extraordinary project, rescuing all the books they could find. They used them to create a secret library, in a safe place, deep underground. It was a place to learn, to exchange ideas, to dream and to hope.

"The Book Collectors of Daraya celebrates the political and therapeutic power of the written word . . . defiant and cautiously optimistic"
- Financial Times

Key dates:
Reading starts: Thursday, 1st December 2022
London & Bristol member events: Tuesday, 13th December 2022
Global, virtual member event: Monday, 19th December 2022

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