Super Senses

Emma Young


August 2022




About the book:

The August 22 book result is as follows:

🥇 Super Senses: The Science of Your 32 Senses and How to Use Them, by Emma Young > 38%
🥈 Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating, by Charles Spence > 32%
🥉 Sentient: What Animals Reveal About Human Senses, by Jackie Higgins > 30%

Super Senses: The Science of Your 32 Senses and How to Use Them

by Emma Young

Published by John Murray

Award-winning science writer Emma Young has spent over a decade finding out, and in Super Senses she takes us on an exhilarating sensory journey, revealing how we taste things without using our tongues, why swearing is good for us and why both chocolate and rollercoasters can help you fall in love. Using the very latest cutting-edge research, she explains the exploits of record-breaking freedivers, whirling dervishes, super-tasters, stock market millionaires, and many more. Discover how touch can ease pain, how taking your pulse can make you fitter and why Abba's Dancing Queen sounds different in Bolivia.

"An awe-inspiring guide to our sensual world that will leave you in wonder at your own astonishing perceptual powers." - David Robson, author of The Intelligence Trap

Available in all formats, order here:

Reading starts 1st August 🥳

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