Alex Soojung-Kim Pang


March 2021




About the book:

"This was the book I needed for this point in time. I appreciate and agree with some of the points others have made about the number of anecdotes and the heavy focus on creatives, but as someone who has to drastically up my creative output at the moment due to a looming book deadline, Rest resonated deeply and gave me the push to do what I already know works. I’ve always known I’m much more productive early in the morning, but I wasn’t holding myself to account, wasn’t applying the self-knowledge I have. So I’m turning in at 9 pm these days for a more comfortable 5:30 a.m. start, and although with the pandemic I’m not always sure what to do with the time I’ve created for myself later on, I’m no longer spending it feeling guilty and panicked about not having written that day. Before Rest gave me a kick up the arse, I was waiting for inspiration to strike, hoping to eventually be in the mood to write. I’m not waiting anymore." Elaine

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