Empire of Pain

Patrick Padden Keefe


July 2022




About the book:

*Book #87: July vote result.*

Empire of Pain 45%
Cult of We 32%
The Missing Cryptoqueen 22%

Reading starts July 1st
Digital Event July 25th
In-Person Events July 26th

The Sackler family is one of the richest in the world, known for their lavish donations in the arts and the sciences. The source of the family fortune was vague, however, until it emerged that the Sacklers were responsible for making and marketing Oxycontin, a blockbuster painkiller that was a catalyst for the opioid crisis – an international epidemic of drug addiction which has killed nearly half a million people. In this masterpiece of narrative reporting and writing, Radden Keefe documents the jaw-dropping and ferociously compelling reality. Empire of Pain is the story of a dynasty: a parable of twenty-first-century greed.

*Why did we choose it?*
To understand how multi-generational family power can (miss)society and because we've been recommended it multiple times.

Available in all formats.

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