Banking on It

Anne Boden


April 2024


Start Something


About the book:

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crash, the British banking industry had come to a standstill.

Trust in the sector had been left in tatters and, despite the emergence of technologies which could revolutionise the customer experience, nobody wanted to upset the status quo.

That was until Anne Boden decided to do something radical and start her own bank.Founder of Starling Bank, winner of Best British Bank three years running, in this awe-inspiring story Anne reveals how she broke through bureaucracy, successfully tackled prejudice to realise her vision for the future of consumer banking and revolutionised the entire industry forever.

A riveting read. I couldn't put it down! Boden's story powerfully demonstrates how creativity, bravery and determination can quite literally transform an industry. Wow, what a change-maker! ― Rachel Botsman, author of Who Can You Trust?

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